What's Your Kryptonite? The Epigenetic Factors Unique to You

What's Your Kryptonite? The Epigenetic Factors Unique to You

Most of us know the word "kryptonite" from the super hero story Superman. Books, comics, tv series and in fact every few years, a mega blockbuster movie is made about him.

Kryptonite is what weakens Superman but once that kryptonite is taken away, Superman is back to his old healthy and powerful self. The urban dictionary classifies Kryptonite as “Something or someone who makes you weak, even if you are a very strong person.”

All of us definitely have our own kryptonite; that which makes us feel weak, targets our immune system, and triggers something in us which would make us susceptible to sickness. We all want to live a healthy and long life. But how?

In the past years, there have been a lot of different teachings, articles and trends about health and wellness. These have caused people to try out different diets and exercises with the belief that it would help them lose weight and as a result be healthy. Many are easily influenced by their peers or their favourite celebrities' and base the viability of a chosen health or wellness regime on their pictures and testimonies – without really researching first or having a doctor check them to know if it is indeed appropriate for their health.

A huge number of people still fall into the trap of the promises of losing weight fast from drinking detox teas, slimming coffees, diet pills and some even resolving to medical options such as liposuction, radio frequency, lipo cavitation and the like, which may not be entirely wrong but could also be very superficial. Then there are those who are not just into losing weight but enjoy running, doing yoga, boxing or going to the gym. There are also those who believe that being in a less polluted area, with fresh air and surrounded by a lot of greens would do the trick.

How do you measure all this and take out the guesswork of what your own kryptonite is? Do you want to have control knowing what is weakening you and have the power to live the life of your dreams? You finally can, with epigenetic testing.

Chronomics has been the first to take epigenetic testing out of the labs and to the consumer. For the first time in history you can now, from your own home and laptop, determine how your lifestyle and environment are affecting you at a DNA level and take the necessary steps to measure the changes.

On a Ketogenic diet but seeking to find out if it really is right for you? Test for yourself and see how your biological ageing rate changes. Would like to see how far you can take extreme sports? Perhaps learn the extent of how this might be affecting your ageing rate. Looking to actually measure the benefits of your new yoga routine? It's finally possible.

All with the power of Chronomics.

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