DNA caretakers and curators, at your service

DNA caretakers and curators, at your service

Your data your rules

In today’s world our relationship with our personal data has changed radically from just 10 years ago.

Our personal data is being collected by more and more devices and services in our everyday lives than ever before. At the same time we are more and more aware of companies and governments building a data driven world around us.

Transparency and security are therefore of utmost importance for any organisation to build trust with its members or users. We're proud to be a leader in dna testing privacy and transparency, becoming in 2018 the first GDPR compliant DNA company.

So what does this mean for your relationship with Chronomics over the coming years?

Consent is king:

We will never unknowingly share or use your data beyond our walls.

This means you can still participate in any amazing research opportunities that arise in the future, but we’ll make sure you’ve opted-in.

The door is open:

As individuals we are protected by a right to be forgotten, which means that should there be any concerns over data privacy, you may request that all personal data held by Chronomics be deleted.

We'll be sad, but we take this to heart, which means you can be secure in the knowledge that, should you desire, you can permanently disappear from our servers.

In fact we take this so seriously that it merits serious consideration, no backups under the sofa, your genetic and epigenetic data will be gone forever.

Your data is your data:

Equally enshrined is personal ownership of data, which means you can request a copy of your raw data.

We would recommend keeping your data safe by entrusting it to our secure vaults and our world class data scientists.

However, should you desire, we fully support individuals who want access to the raw gigabytes of their genetic blueprint and epigenetic snapshot.

Your prerogative to share:

As a Chronomics user you have the power to share what you want with who you want.

Your doctor, health coach, or specialist advisor can translate your health status into positive action, but you are in control of what you're sharing and who you're sharing it with.

Privacy, security, and transparency are founding pillars for trust. A trust that will help us become a partner for life, and show you down a path to prolonged health and happiness.


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