Discover how: Framlingham College found a perfect response to COVID-19 with Chronomics

Discover how: Framlingham College found a perfect response to COVID-19 with Chronomics


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world and many industries into disarray. In an effort to keep their industries and communities alive and profitable, many schools and learning institutions have engaged COVID-19 Testing Partners to work alongside them, providing support and ensuring a safe learning and working environment.

Framlingham College is one such school that was searching for a suitable partner to provide these services.

Framlingham College’s Unique Challenge

As a boarding school with a sizable body of international students who travel across the globe frequently, Framlingham College had to be surgically precise when selecting a partner that could provide COVID-19 testing support for their school community.

Susan Wessels, the Senior Deputy Head at Framlingham College, was in charge of coordinating the school’s COVID-19 response effort as the person in charge of day-to-day operations.

Susan’s ultimate goal was for all members of the Framlingham College community from the teacher to the student to the parent and supporting staff to:

1. Experience true continuity in teaching and learning,

2. Stay safe on campus

3. Have access to pastoral care for their emotional and mental wellness and well-being.

When selecting a partner to provide the level of COVID-19 testing support that her school needed, Susan says that Chronomics was the clear, logical, and perfect partner for what she and her school community required and were looking for.

In addition to providing tests that would pass the regulatory standard of ‘Fit to Fly’ and ‘Test to Release’, the selected partner would also need to be recognised by the Boarding Schools Association and a listed supplier on their website. It was also critical that the test be easy to administer, non-invasive, and intuitive. And the Chronomics PCR saliva test provided all this and more!

The Chronomics Solution

The Chronomics solution is the Gold Standard of COVID-19 tests, a non-invasive PCR saliva test. Additionally, as part of the Chronomics client experience, pupils and administrators are provided access to a digital portal and a suite of protocols designed to offer sensitive and thoughtful support in the event of a positive result.

The experience of taking the test for younger students was also front of mind when selecting a partner.

“At Framlingham College, we have pupils as young as 10 years old who need testing on a regular basis because they fly in and out of the country. That is why Chronomics was such a perfect fit for our school. The non-invasive saliva test is easy to administer, with no need for health professionals present when it's being taken, and it’s virtually painless as compared to the uncomfortable swab test that, for accuracy, needs to be administered by a health professional.”

The Chronomics solution does not end there. Administrators like Susan get access to a secure online dashboard that provides real-time updates on tests taken, status and results. The Chronomics dashboard is GDPR compliant and minimises the administrative burden of paper, form filling, and scanning of documents.

The Chronomics tests have been proven to be reliable, timely, and more scientifically accurate, which has empowered and given confidence to all our clients including Framlingham College to assure all their parents, pupils and teaching staff of the safety and reliability of the test.

“Due to our partnership with Chronomics, we know we are truly meeting our obligations of pastoral care.” - Susan Wessels, Senior Deputy Head of School.

When Chronomics is at its best

Susan notes that one of the strengths of Chronomics is their customer service, as exemplified where there was a challenge for a pupil who was supposed to fly to Hong Kong on a major carrier. The carrier had recently updated its ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate requirements. As a result, the pupil was not allowed to board. Susan contacted the Chronomics team, and they recognized the urgency of the situation and responded accordingly.

Because of the sensitivity and accuracy of the test, the Chronomics team was able to issue a new test certificate that met the carrier’s updated standards and the pupil was able to travel home by the next available flight.

If you’re looking for a COVID-19 testing solution for your school, institute or business, Choronomics is the Gold Standard; not just in the tests it provides but in the comprehensive, all-encompassing solutions it offers.

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